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Pure Life Theatre's Covid Policies

In order to make it safe to attend our live performances, Pure Life Theater is taking every precaution.

By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to the following:


Masks must be properly worn by all staff, patrons and visitors regardless of vaccination status or age.

Performers must wear masks when not on stage.

Proof of Vaccination and/or Negative Covid Requirements


Proof of Vaccination

The final dose must be dated at least 2 weeks before show.

          Adults (18+) must present digital or hard copy of vaccination card plus photo ID.

     Minors (12-17) same as Adults but do not need photo ID.

     Children (<12) do not need proof of vaccine or covid test.

Proof of Negative Covid Test in Lieu of Vaccination

Proof of negative Covid test may be used in lieu of vaccination.

A lab-conducted COVID test must be <72 hours of the show. 

Proof of negative tests must be dated and show your name. 

A photo ID is required for all except Minors (ages 12-17).

Children (<12) do not need proof of vaccine or a negative test.


Only PCR and Antigen COVID-19 tests are accepted.

Home tests will not be accepted.

You must have negative COVID test results with you on arrival. 

Planning, Updates and Refunds

Plan extra pre-show time to allow for check-in at the door.

Ensure your guests know these policies to be admitted. 

This page will be updated as standards evolve.

Refunds will be provided for rescheduled or canceled shows.

If you are not feeling well the day of the show, please do NOT come.  A refund will be provided.

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